Employees are every company’s most valuable asset. If they actively engage and communicate concerning their work then your small business is already on the path of success. There are a few employees monitoring software is available for employers to utilize so that they can track what their employees are up to and how serious they are about their work. Here are some of the best employees monitoring software’s available in the market that can allow you to resolve your different problem.

Active Collab

Active Collab is employee-monitoring software that gathers all your workspace under one platform. With a focused data storage and communication platform, your entire team can discuss, brainstorm, get updates and share files. This software makes it easy for every employee to be on the same page. It also lets you track their productivity and which employee takes longer to complete one task. For just $7, you can access this software for unlimited sharing of files, setting time records and tracking tasks. Due to the increasing demands for different online writing services, Assignment Ace and other online services are now considering to use such facilities.


Another employee tracking software is Teramind, which has an interactive and intuitive dashboard. It provides an engaging user experience. It also provides complete automation layer including anomaly detection. Moreover, it includes different privacy features for departments like human resources that are responsible for tracking employee’s performance and activities. It also offers cloud and hosted deployment. The only downside of this software is that its comprehensive components used for monitoring can be quite overwhelming.


Another employee monitoring software on the list is VeriClock. One of the advantages of using this application is that it is extremely easy to understand and use. It is also very comfortable as compared to other software on the list. It has a strong monitoring functionality. You can also track which employee is successfully and consistently productive and reward them accordingly.  The only disadvantage of this software is that is unable to schedule the future time and it only supports 1 GB of storage space.


Kickidler gives employers access to employees desktop to check their productivity. This access can also be allowed to department heads and supervisors to make sure that their team members are actively working and accomplishing the goals that are set for them. Kickidler allows you to see what your employees are doing on their desktop and it allows you to record a video of what they are doing. With this application, it is easier to identify which employee needs motivation and which employee needs a reward.


To conclude the above-mentioned names are some of the employee monitoring software’s that have been ranked as the best because of their unlimited advantages in any small business.